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Relationship status (picture would be awsome)//single=/

Drink// Code Red Mt. Dew
Music// Something coporate
3 Movies// Enough,Titanic,and Cinderella story
Food// little ceaser pizza 8)
Celebrity// CMM (chad michael murray)
Color// Pink :)
Quote//"no smile is as beautiful
as the one that struggles through tears "
Fast food joint//taco bell

Make us laugh//
What do you call a blonde standing on her head?
A brunette with bad breath.
Favorite Joke//i dont really have a favorite joke, but a stupid funny one is one that my best friend tells
there was two muffins in the oven,one of the muffins says "wow its really hot in here" then other muffin screams and goes " ahhhhh!!! talking muffins"
Tell us something unique abot yourself, or a talent//im a wrestling manager? does that work UH-OH get to see them boy in the locker room =x
Whose your role model, and why//Jessica simpson, she's so real and she has an amazing voice AND she GORGEOUS!!!

suicide//suicide should be the very last resort if you ever get there i think that its selfish and no ones life could possibly be that bad and if it is talk to someone about it
abortion//abortion is wrong but is okay in certain cases such as if you get raped i think that would be the hardest thing to do is to look at your kid and think of that horrible time
gay marriages//hey what ever floats your boat nothing against homosexuals love is love you cant help who it is and i think that its stupid how people are so against it
fast food//fast food is good if its from taco bell wendys or bk, any where else is gross

For the Community
How'd you here about us//searching
Promote us 3 places and give the link//krazikourt_xo chellibelliparadisebabe04
At least 3 clear pictures of you//

im on the left

im on the right
Random picture//

pictures of jellyfish i took at the zoo :)

Any lst words?//you guys had the best app out of all the ones that ive done :)
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